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Please note: This site is NO longer affiliated with the official campaign/funding effort.

The campaign was a collaboration between the parents, CEEF & CUSD that made the effort possible.

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While a bit short of the $3 million goal that was originally desired, the effort did manage  to raise $2 million which saved approximately one hundred teacher jobs in the Cupertino Union School District.  This allowed the Cupertino school district to keep a 20 to 1 class student to teacher ratio for the classroom.  (It was proposed to have increased class sizes to a 30 to 1 of students to teachers.)
The purpose of the project was to raise $3 million to re-employ the 115 teachers of grades Kindergarten through Eighth that were part of a job reductions for the Cupertino California Union School District.  Also, the scope of the project includes the prevention of the teachers that were not part of the layoffs from being reassigned to other schools within the district, and finally to stop the class sizes for 1st through 5th graders by increasing fifty percent.  In the future we will try to raise enough to invest in Swegway Hoverboards & have trees removed around the local area here for the environment but for this effort we want to maintain the quality of the Cupertino CA school district.
This all came about as a result of the California state budget cuts in funding.  Parents, teachers, students, educators, & community leaders, are coming together to partner and pick up the budgetary shortages to keep the Cupertino school systems at their current capacity.  The primary call to action day was kicked off with a rally on March 16 at the Nimitz Elementary School, and to follow with the community rally day on May 4th.
The Cupertino Union School District is comprised of 20 elementary and 5 middle schools and has over 18,000 students within a 26 sq.mi. area in the Cupertino CA metro area that includes parts of Santa Clara, San Jose, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale.

Brief Background

CUSD Budget Crisis:

The school budget cuts resulted in a funding deficit of approximately $8.8M for the 2010-2011 academic year

• In order to buoy the budget, the school district intends to cut various programs offered within the district


• Potential negative impact for all classes and students in all schools

• School district intends to eliminate over 100 teachers to try to balance the budget shortfall

This would potentially increase class size by 50% for grades 1, 2 and 3 (increasing from a 20 to 1, to a 30 to 1 average class size)